Relaxin’ With Ton

Require some anime tunes to accompany you in your sleep, or while mugging for some those horrible examinations? That’s what I seek to create – a playlist of soothing beats from various anime and visual novel soundtracks throughout the years that you can listen to for that gentle atmosphere.

I’m always looking for new pieces of music to add to the playlist, so feel free to provide suggestions to add or remove from the list. This starting set should give you an idea of what music is suitable – slow tempo, vocal-free tracks.

Let me know via the comments, and I hope you’ll enjoy what you hear!

Here’s the playlist~ Enjoy!


24 thoughts on “Relaxin’ With Ton

  1. Hey Ton-kun it’s Been Years since i get back here… By the way… Do you know what are new animes with a type of Harem/Romantic/Comedy/Action ? Oh and i need more actually…

    1. Heya! I’m happy you still remember this place. XD
      Ahaha~ Depends on how many seasons you missed. ^_^ You returned at the perfect time though, spring 2013 season just started, and there are plenty of great shows right now. There aren’t shows that contains all the genres you mentioned, but Devil Survivor 2 looks good for the action genre, I’m not a harem buff, but I believe you’ve got Date a Live and Photo Kano for harem/romance, and Hataraku Maou sama for comedy. If you missed Chuunibyou though, that’s one of the best comedy/romance shows I’ve seen all year. 🙂

      1. oh… so can you give me other else anime with Romantic/Comedy/Harem xD…
        And by the way ton kun… i shared your wordpress page to my favorite spots of watching dubbed anime in… so your ratings will get higher… i’ll help you highten your rates… im your buddy anyway nyahaha xD

  2. Hey there Ton-kun… it’s been a while… how are you?
    By the way… did you know the anime called “Chobits”?
    I love that anime…If you don’t mind i asked you a favor…
    Please tell me who is the creator of this Anime…
    And give me a contact to him so i can request for new season’s or movie, even thou this anime was old since 2003…
    Many say’s that the creator of “Angelic Layer” and “Chobits” are the same person…
    Please reply ton-kun… this is really important.. i’m really gonna die hard for this Anime xD

    1. Hey, it’s been a long while indeed! So don’t die on me. Lol.
      Yes, the mangaka (artists) for the two series you mentioned are the same – CLAMP (who also did Card Captor Sakura). Madhouse produced the Chobits anime series.

      1. Oh… so… do you know Morio Asaka? he is the director of the “Chobits”… is there anyway to contact him?
        anyway Ton-kun… i really am worth dying for waiting a season 2 or movie of chobits but i think it would be impossible because the anime was created 11 years ago(2002)… too bad.. what do you think ton-kun? are Morio Asaka and the CLAMP team can still make a sequence?

    2. A sequel is unlikely, because the series ended well. If they continue forward, it might only become creepier, because Chii will still be the same age while Hideki’s…old. That’s the reality if you fall for a PC. It’s not like pokemon, where Satoshi never ages. XD
      And if I knew Asaka-san, I would likely be writing for some bigger news site instead. Lol.

      As to why there’s no Chobits….well just listen to the OP. I can’t relax to that. It just interferes with your thinking too much. “u~u~u~u (yeah)…u~u~u~u~”

    1. Thanks for the offer, but after I went to youtube to listen to the tracks, there are only a few that’ll fit the criteria, and even fewer would sound good with the playlist. 😛

      Collected a few more actually, maybe it’s time I added on to the list. Lol. I just wish SoundCloud would add the very basic repeat and shuffle functions to the player though. 😦

      1. while relaxing i can bang my head ang shake it around like crazy by listening here with the Kira☆Kira and the Kira☆Kira: Curtain Call xD

    2. Nah, it’s ok. Thanks. 😀
      Not many people come here anyway, it’s more of a quiet area I can sit down to if I’m outside and without my playlists. ^_^

      1. Ugh, I guess you’re right.. Or I’m just weird.
        I can sleep with any rock songs.. Even slipknot. XO
        Well maybe mainly because I always tire myself out before sleeping.

    1. Ahahaha~ So you often have dreamless nights I assume. 😀
      But yup, if you do happen to come across a few good ones (preferably vocal-less tracks) do let me know so I can see if it’s worth adding. ^_^

  3. Good collection! I would highly recommend the usage of rainymood [] in conjunction with this playlist.

    You might also want to explore some Ragnarok Online BGMs, they have some pretty slow-tempo BGMs (especially the christmas mixes) and a couple of happy sounding BGMs.

    ARIA, included too!

    1. Ahaha~ I do have RO songs (including the Christmas ones),
      but if I were to start including MMOs and RPG OSTs,
      there’ll be easily 50 or more. Heck, even Maplestory does have
      a few good tunes of its own. :\
      So I’m limiting it to anime/VN OSTs for now. 😀

      ARIA eh…I’ll look into that. ^_^

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