Pokemon Origins (Review) – The way we (almost) remember it

pkmnOrigins - 1

I never thought I’d have anything even half-decent to write about Pokemon here, but to my delight there’s plenty of great things to be said about Pokemon Origins, an OVA reboot of the series from the eyes of Red, the protagonist of many a fanfiction series and artwork.



To my two “kids” in VC:


If the two of you ever came by, I’d like you to read this:

Though it might’ve only been a few days with you two, it definitely felt like we knew each other for much longer.

I definitely enjoyed my time in your company. Here’s a little note to wish you all the best in your studies, in finding your own path in life, and perhaps even in bringing that alliance to greater heights (but don’t make that your main focus yeh?). Thanks for the great time. 😉

A bright future awaits you both~

With Love,


Tales of Xillia – Undubbed

ToX Wallpaper

It’s been a while since any notable jRPGs have been given the localization effort, so I was glad Tales of Xillia was given that grace. Still, it does say quite a bit about the quality of the English dub when the undub is available by the community mere days after the official release of the game.