Animelo Theme Songs

This is like an annual pet project of mine.

For those in the dark, Animelo Summer Live is an annual event that sees popular seiyuu (voice actors and actresses) of anime series come together for a mega concert. And each year there will be a theme song dedicated to this occasion.

That’s where I come in. 😀 For the past couple of years, I’ve been translating the lyrics of the theme songs and creating karaokes, complete with ‘tagging’ each singer as they appear. I can say one of the reasons is to prevent my already dismal command of Japanese from going down the drain, and the other – well, I simply enjoy it. 🙂

Animelo Summer Live ’06 – Outride

Animelo Summer Live ’07 – Generation A

Animelo Summer Live ’08 – Yell

Animelo Summer Live ’09 – Re:Bridge ~Return to oneself~

Animelo Summer Live ’10 – Evolution ~for beloved one~

Animelo Summer Live ’11 – Rainbow

Animelo Summer Live ’12 – Infinity

Well, to the niche group who likes watching their favorite seiyuu on stage, I’m with ya. 🙂

*Extra Notes:

株式会社MAGES has decided to file a copyright infringement claim on the Animelo videos on YouTube, specifically 2011, 2012, and about 5 months later ’09 and ’10 as well. They pretty much ear-marked my channel and targeted it specifically, leaving the videos from other channels intact (ironically some are direct rips from my channel). This basically means I’ll be moving from YouTube with immediate effect, but you’ll be able to see the videos here. ^_^


16 thoughts on “Animelo Theme Songs

    1. Unfortunately, not a soul out there has a raw of the actual singing cast that satisfies me. Unless you’d like to volunteer one. XD

      However, to make up for that I’ll be releasing something a little special instead. Look forward to it! 🙂

  1. A postscript for anyone reading this blog section – if you can get to Animelo Summer Live in person, it’s a great (and addictive) experience. Failing that the blu-ray / DVD releases are quite high quality and occasionally appear cheap in Nakano Broadway.

  2. Thanks for your work subbing these songs!

    It was good to see the 2013 Animelo Summer Live broadcast highlights had their songs dubbed, a pity that they are not as far as I know going to be in the released blu-rays/DVDs.

    1. Glad you liked them. 😀
      I would’ve done 2013 if I had access to the video as well, but I don’t. XD
      Edit: Oh, turns out they posted it up. Doesn’t feature the singers though. :\
      It’s a pity the song’s just a cover, and not an original like the previous years’ (which EXILE did better. Much, much better). Here’s hoping 2014’s will again kick some good notes. 🙂

      1. Animelo Summer Live looked from the videos that are/were on Youtube like something that I could really enjoy, and I wasn’t disappointed. The 2012 theme song performed live with Tetsuro Oda on guitar, and including Minori Chihara and Chiaki Ishikawa (and lots of other great vocalists) was definitely a highlight.

      2. Yep, I liked that they didn’t rely on lip-syncing their way through the songs, but choosing to sing ‘live’ instead (no matter the vocals XD).

  3. Ishikawa’s vocal in OUTRIDER is juz soooooo amazing XDD like d 1st solo part of her in d chorus
    why ELISA’s solo were so less orz… I’m a big fan of her now since HIKARI and Valvrave’s ED
    looking forward for the 2013’s FLAG NINE 頑張ってください

  4. I am so happy I was able to find your wordpress. I had been looking for hours for Animelo-related things on YouTube because I am a big GRANRODEO fan and then I realized that some stuff I had found before disappeared off of my favorites list. Thank you for sharing the theme songs here! I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this to see what else you will put up and I really appreciate all of the time and work spent on these videos.

    1. I’m glad you liked what you see. 🙂
      If luck permits, I’d definitely like to continue what I’ve been doing all these years. I’d probably not be able to return to YouTube, but hopefully the folks at mages will be content with that. ^_^

      1. ^__^ Very much indeed! I hope that you will be able to continue as well. Since I’m a bit of a latecomer, what else did you post of Animelo on your YouTube account?

        I’ve been scouring the Google search function for the Animelo 2012 concert to find Starish’s Mirai Chizu, GRANRODEO’s Can Do, and Suzumura’s Messenger and I finally found what I thought was the whole concert only to find that the uploader took out every other two songs lol. Crossing my fingers that those will turn up sometime in the future.

        Best wishes to you!

      2. Thanks a lot~ 🙂
        Sorry to disappoint you though, what I have is all here. I just do the theme songs each year as they come. ^_^ The uploader probably had to alter the video to keep it from being taken down. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

    1. Yes, definitely fewer, although the quality is still pretty good.
      I suppose I have to look toward another video site considering they nuked all the other similar videos.
      And YouTube has that annoying “Nuke first, questions later” policy. :\

    1. Yes, I noticed. I’m kinda upset about it, seeing that they didn’t seem to mind all the years before.

      I did not receive any notification prior to the take-down, so they’re likely not open for negotiations. :\

      Edit: I’ll still try nonetheless – seeing that other identical videos are still available. 😀

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