Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Mini-Guide

Understanding…the horrors of farming.

Here’s a small guide for those looking for a little more information than the game would like to provide~


Multiple Endings

The game determines the available endings based on the number of times you have seen heart events with the characters per game (regardless of actual heart levels), so to make the most number of endings per playthrough possible, limit the conversations to a maximum of 2 per character (of course, this would mean that you’ll be restricting your tension skill level, so the best time would be after the first completion).

Item Gathering

If you’re after an enemy item, you can make a quick save, then perform the kill and observe if an item is dropped. Retreat to see if you get what you want, and if not just exit to the title then restart from right before the kill – the result will be different each time.

Crystal Farming

The best way to go about getting that achievement is to craft and equip the Crystal Upsurge ability, from a Brass Mask (dropped by low level tin troopers) and a Magnetite Ore (which you can buy). Alternatively, using the Alkaline Salts bath salt and resetting for the Crystal Upsurge benefit does the same thing.

New Game Plus

Considering you can only bring along 5 items but get to keep all your crystals, be sure to sell the rest before finishing the game, and throw as many skills/abilities as possible on the characters you’re bringing over to the new game, as they get carried over as well. Items under the ‘Other’ subsection are automatically carried over, so you only have to choose between the rest.

Item Exchange


If you notice from time to time when you speak to characters they might ask you to exchange items. There is only one miss-able trade, which is for the Innocent Wish skill (and achievement) that requires the Mystery Capsule to be traded to Bart in the final chapter. If you instead choose to trade it to Beatrix, then you will have to craft it. If you are on your second playthrough or more and bring over a Fool’s Medal, you can then trade it to Bart for an AP Regen +2 in Chapter 3.

Material List:

(Incomplete, but most of the harder-to-obtain materials are listed)

Material Name Obtained From
Magnetite Shard Shop
Raw Magnetite Shop
Magnetite Ore Shop
Pure Magnetite Shop
Magnetite Gem Super Mimic/Full Metal Golem/Gargoyle Ancestor
Abyss Fragment Super Mimic/Gottlieb/Ferdinand/Mercedes
Kobold’s Pitchfork Kobold
Devil’s Trident Kobold (rare drop)
Ruby Hairpin Angelika
Emerald Barrette Brigitta
Gold Barrette Camilla
Amethyst Brooch Camilla (rare drop)
Golem Core Golem
Amplifier I Golem
Shiny Core Full Metal Golem
Amplifier II Full Metal Golem
Saint’s Medal Mimic (rare drop)/Gottlieb
Hero’s Medal Big Mimic (rare drop)/Ferdinand
Fool’s Medal Super Mimic
Tin Mask Tin Soldier
Aluminium Mask Tin Sergeant
Brass Mask Tin Trooper
Titanium Mask Tin Commander
Alpha Engine Huumin
Alpha Core Huumin (rare drop)
Beta Engine Muninn
Beta Core Muninn (rare drop)
Rose Quartz Lunatic
Lunatic Stone Lunatic (rare drop)
Rutile Quartz Fanatic
Fanatic Stone Fanatic (rare drop)
Devil’s Hoof Nightmare
Bone Necklace Cerberus Puppy
Demon Dog Collar Cerberus
Glowstone Cerberus
Devil’s Heart Gargolye Ancestor (rare drop)
Mercedes’ Horn Mercedes
Dragon Scale Mercedes (rare drop)
Crimson Claw Ferdinand
Devil’s Claw Gottlieb

Achievement Skills:

Skill Name Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Merciful Heart Abyss Fragment HP Boost +3
Innocent Wish Abyss Fragment Massive Heal

Successfully crafting the two will unlock both hidden achievements (save before crafting as abyss fragments have a chance of failure). Both skills can also be obtained by trading items to characters within the game, but just remember not to trade the Mystery Capsule to Beatrix if you want Innocent Wish. Merciful Heart can be gotten in an exchange after you obtain the jade brooch in a trade once you start a new game.


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