Pokemon Origins (Review) – The way we (almost) remember it

pkmnOrigins - 1

I never thought I’d have anything even half-decent to write about Pokemon here, but to my delight there’s plenty of great things to be said about Pokemon Origins, an OVA reboot of the series from the eyes of Red, the protagonist of many a fanfiction series and artwork.

pkmnOrigins - 2
Truth revealed – Brock has more than 2 Pokemon! So if had you faced him last…

The show takes you back to the time when Pokemon was still pretty much in black and white (literally) and on the huge Gameboy and Gameboy colour systems of old. Faithfully following the plot of Pokemon Red, the show allows you to relive your childhood (if you’re old enough) through all of Red’s early mistakes – who doesn’t remember trying to catch an opponent’s pokemon? – and successes while steadily filling up the Pokedex.

pkmnOrigins - 4
You know bait never works. 2 stones minimum.

For a show that was supposed to be promotional material for the upcoming Pokemon X and series, it kept remarkably faithful to the original game (Well, save for that last bit.). The soundtrack has been remixed and remastered, and accompanies the scenes as you would remember them – even that creepy Lavender Town music that gave rise to the conspiracy theories.

pkmnOrigins - 3
“The losers are supposed to gimmie money.” – Badass Red

To all the old trainers who might have retired a long while ago, this is a genuine shout out to all of us. We have been ignored for far too long, and this will stir up those feelings once more. Sure we can only remember the first 151 Pokemon (or slightly more, if you had stayed for Gold/Silver/Crystal), but it matters not. This has everything you wanted to see in the original series and more.

Hitmonchan, for all the elemental punches. :)
Hitmonchan, for all the elemental punches. And his umadbro? look.

Well, except MissingNo (and trading… rare candy spamming… nuzlocking…). XD

This is a series worthy of your 1 hour and 30 minutes. Watch it, you won’t be disappointed.

Remember that joy of completing the (1st) Pokedex (legitimately)?
Remember that joy of completing the (1st) Pokedex (legitimately)?

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