Tales of Xillia – Undubbed

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It’s been a while since any notable jRPGs have been given the localization effort, so I was glad Tales of Xillia was given that grace. Still, it does say quite a bit about the quality of the English dub when the undub is available by the community mere days after the official release of the game.

It doesn’t help that it strikes you immediately in the opening sequence, the moment Milla, one of the two main characters, speaks. She sounded old, given the dub by Minae Noji. You could argue that they may perhaps be going for that deliberately (due to the plot), but there’s such a stark contrast between the dub and the original played by Miyuki Sawashiro it became too glaring a point to ignore.

It’s a shame the Blu-ray disc format still hasn’t encouraged developers to implement dual-audio as a standard. Perhaps even going the way of the Agarest of War series would be more acceptable to most, which is the simple translation of the game and releasing it with the original Japanese audio without an English dub.

Legality issues aside, PS3 users on custom firmware now have the option of enjoying the game in its native tongue, but the rest will simply have to deal with the jarring disparity – until an unlikely DLC perhaps?


3 thoughts on “Tales of Xillia – Undubbed

  1. It’s leagues better than Chaos Wars or Magna Carta, Tears of Blood’s dubbing. I wonder what Americans and some Europeans think a 20 year old woman is supposed to sound like?

    1. No clue. An overly mature, motherly woman? XD
      Having heard both the sub and dub now, I’d say it’s definitely not limited to Milla alone.
      Most of the dubbed skits pale in comparison to the original. It’s almost as if they’re
      reading off the script at times. That’s not something I’d remotely consider voice-acting. :\

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