Spring anime season is almost here~!

And with it comes the end of the dry winter anime season (at least for me)~

That gave me the opportunity to take a break and clear a few games, such as the well-received Ni no Kuni, which brought back all I loved about RPGs onto the PS3, such as the ability to freely roam around an overworld with no random encounters (all  enemies are visible), plenty of side-quests, and of course the strong narrative steeped in Studio Ghibli lore accompanied by a fantastic soundtrack courtesy of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (featured track is now the overworld theme!).

Metal Gear Rising showed that swords are still the epitome of cool in a gun-dominated society when wielded by protagonist Raiden, and that the more flashy and unrealistic combat gets the more enjoyable it really is (old snake from MGS4 really bugged me). Some battles definitely drive you insane but ripping out the innards of enemies and crushing them never feels old. Not to mention all the moments in the game where you’ll just gush fanboy over the gorgeous cutscenes.

Finally, Project Diva F is the port that finally brings a proper Project Diva release to the masses (where previously in the Dreamy Theater series it was a Japan-only PSN download that also required you to have a valid PSP save file), that I would cover in more detail in another post. 🙂

That wraps the change in the header picture~


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