Strike Suit Zero

It’s what you get when you put Macross on steroids.

Strike Suit Zero is a short 13 mission game which you could finish in a single sitting, but it’ll be one you’ll remember for a while to come. You have the option to fly in first or third-person, and a selection of 4 different craft (Strike Suit, Fighter, Bomber, Interceptor), although what really sets the game apart is the Strike Suit.

The aforementioned Strike Suit allows you to alternate between two forms, the default “plane form” for swift mobility, and a “Mech form” for heavy damage output. Kinda like variable fighters. The action is fast-paced and you’ll always find yourself engaging your ship’s thrusters to race from one side of space to the other with the changing objectives.

The difficulty might be punishing at times, due to the amount of damage your ally ships take and the sparseness of checkpoints to restart from. The filler narrative is also marred by the final Star Wars-esque trench run that doesn’t end the plot with a bang. In the same vein, it’s great that the AI doesn’t suffer from the Stormtrooper syndrome, and will complete objectives with you.

It’s on discount on Steam until 30th Jan, so get it soon for a nifty 20% off. 🙂

Screenies from the site~

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