Theatrhythm Final Fantasy (iOS) – Impressions

Launched about a day ago, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy makes its way from the 3DS to the iOS platform as a free app. More after the jump.

If Square Enix puts something on the app store for free, you can bet there’s a catch:

TFF - 01
Two songs.

Stingy doesn’t even begin to describe it. XD They’ve had other similar apps like  Symphonica (another rhythm game featuring classical music), where you got to play 3 chapters of the story for free (meaning 3 songs, a few half-songs & initial plot). Here you get two songs and…not much of anything else really. You’ll go insane if you decide to take the quest medley, a series of random – well not random with only 2 – field+battle stages.

The rest of the songs are sold as DLC in the store. The lineup is impressive, with 59 individual songs, 13 bundle packs containing 4 songs each (the bundles do not contain tracks from the individual song section) to bring the total to 111 songs from the final fantasy series (you can see the list here).

What’s not impressive however, is the cost. At $1 each for the single songs and $3 for the bundle of 4, you’re looking at nearly $100 for all the songs (that’s excluding characters which you’ll have to purchase separately). Contrast that with the 3DS release, which you could now purchase for about $30, comes with 70 odd songs (and almost the entire cast), and you’ll begin to see the huge rift between prices.

TFF - 02
Shall I give you despair?

The game itself is vibrant and entertaining as far as rhythm games (for which I’m a fan of) go, the characters are cute and most importantly the music brings back that immense sense of nostalgia for all FF fans (considering I’ve played III all the way -minus XI- till XIII-2, I think I qualify). One-Winged Angel remains one of the best boss battle soundtracks ever written for a game, so I’m quite glad it was made one of the 2 free songs.

Still, given the price, I can’t justify recommending a purchase, unless you REALLY like the songs or are looking for those series unique to the iOS port (like Advent Children). 3DS owners, the choice is pretty clear between this and the original. 😀


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