Little Busters! Anime – Episode 10

Little Busters! - Episode 10
Not-so-subtle foreshadowing. Pun intended.

The Little Busters! cast have been fully assembled with the debut of the 10th episode and the introduction of Mio, whose condition was pretty much revealed to the viewers unless one was particularly dense (though thankfully that’s not the crux of her story), which would leave just the baseball match of the game’s ‘common route’.

Next episode previews show the test of courage, likely lengthened to show all the Busters participating (whereas in-game you could only decide to bring two ladies to observe their reactions to the test and to each other).

More a filler than anything else, with no resulting effect on the storyline, although it might shed light on possible other heroine ‘routes’ prior to the commencement of Rin’s 1st arc (and the secret of the world) based on who Riki takes the test with, which could be anywhere from 2 to none, considering the refrain arc is really, really, long. 🙂


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