Sword Art Online – Episode 21

Previously in episode 20…

Looks like the studios decided to skip the entire Jötunheim arc of the novel (first chapter of the 4th volume), which was probably why there wasn’t any mention of killing/farming the evil god mobs when he handed the leaders of the Sylph and Cait Sith all that money.

“Just kidding, I simply flew to Arun. There wasn’t any cave preventing flight and filled with powerful monsters in the middle of the journey forcing me to stay up till 4am to clear. Nope.”

Could be it might have taken 2 episodes and there wasn’t the luxury of time, or they simply wanted to avoid animating more monsters as well as the Undine players (lol). The arc’s largely detached from the entire series as a whole (even though a side story does reference it much later), so as a viewer the overall narrative isn’t lost, but you wouldn’t get to see an elephant jellyfish and a shiny weapon. 🙂

It’s still good to read the novel though, because much of the individual character thoughts are lost in the adaptation, resulting in plenty of scenes where characters just smile and look happy for the viewers. Close-ups are good for screenies…and not much anything else. XD


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