Persona 4 The Animation – True Ending

Persona Battle! Kohryu vs. Lucifer

Finally something else to talk about with everyone giving rave reviews of Sword Art Online (which is deserving of its praise). With the release of the final volume of the Persona 4 series on Blu-ray comes the bonus episode 26, where Narukami Yu will finally see the truth. Those unfamiliar to the game will no doubt get a shock as the villain behind the scenes is revealed (those who played the game never caught on either). XD

Episode 26 has a slightly altered ending from the game’s original, but which made it all the more memorable, and definitely a treat for persona fans who’ll recognize all the personas  (and some of their skills) used, both from the series and new ones by the unexpected opponent Margaret.

Suffice to say the show will not be complete without watching its grand finale. Here’s a gem people don’t talk about enough. ^_^



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