K-ON! The Movie

If you’ve followed the 2 seasons of K-ON!, this is something you shouldn’t miss. Call it a swan song for the series, taking place right before the end of the TV series, where they take a graduation trip to London.

Incidentally, it’s also what led to their decision on the final gift for Azusa:

As per movie expectations, the quality of the movie is a huge leap from its anime counterpart, and there are no more lazy scenes where you’re made to “view” the performances from a distance, each song faithfully animated to the likes of Live a Live of the Haruhi series that Kyoto Animation is known for.

The movie isn’t for those who haven’t watched the anime however, but the length is just about right, and it’s chock full of all things bubbly that series fans loved (or hated). Give it a go if you haven’t, and you might understand why the character designs got so popular that they carried on using it in their latest series Hyoka.


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