Persona 4 – Episode 22

This week's new Persona: Sraosha, with Hama-boosted Mahamaon!

In case you’re wondering, Mahamaon’s a medium chance instant-death light move to all enemies (which increases in success if you have a skill called Hama boost, or if enemies are weak against it) – hence the shadow wipe. 😀

This will be by far the most probable episode of manly-tears, so I shall not spoil that moment. The effect will be quite similar even knowing how it’ll turn out (through playing the game), so I trust viewers will enjoy this one. ^_^

Yu as your opponent isn't a fun thing.
Kohryu - The most powerful persona of the Hierophant Arcana. With the full-heal spell Salvation.

Forgot to mention you’ll be treated to some pretty nice battles in the first half too. 🙂


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