Guilty Crown – Episode 19


I don’t have to point out how awesome the series has become over the last few episodes, so I’m gonna change things around by pointing out all the bits that are…well, modified for the anime’s convenience – even if it’s not logically sound. 🙂

Natural skill: Regeneration

Maybe it’s just me, but I think his arm grew back a little on its own to be able to reach that far after being lobbed off by Gai, who returned as Sephiroth (complete with “long time no see, Shu.” and long sword). He would’ve grown it back if left on its own either way.

More interesting plot devices after the jump. (Wow, been a while since I used it. :D)

"I can take 10 more voids mom, I'm too badass to die."

I think the caption explains quite a bit. Haruka states that Shu would die if he had one more dose of the genome, then he goes and renders that statement moot. Maybe it’s just to show the audience that Ayase has probably grown fond of him. 😀

And you can see the first void genome from episode 1 on the left. Same casing, but this one could drop down the flight of stairs, get a machete thrown at it and not break. Well, maybe bullets from a mech which broke the 1st are different, I’ll give it the benefit of doubt. XD

It's not what it looks like.

A friend remarked that Shu just stuck Yahiro inside him. Ew. But that aside, he’s actually a pretty nice guy, seeing that he stood there while Shu and his mom were having their family moment and waited until Shu was equipped with Ayase’s void before commencing his attack.

Did you notice they were also having a particularly lengthy conversation inside the trailer while it was speeding towards Ayase? Time slows for final moments it seems. 😀

Undergoing hollow-rification to head to Soul Society to rescue Hare.

Luckily for Shu, even after assuming a Stage III cancer from Souta, it appears only as a Stage I on him. Must be that badass armor at work (which is 3 times more powerful than the Tsundere armor). Can’t wait to see what this newly upgraded Shu will look like in the final few episodes.

Next episode: A diary (belonging to his dad)


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