Guilty Crown – Episode 15 (aka 2nd BSOD)


Alright, the first time (involving a younger brother and a pair of shears) was annoying, simply because there was a lesser motive for raging and a ‘wish-granting’ behind it all.  Maybe the producers decided justifiable deaths concerning characters you don’t likely care about aren’t enough a stimulus.

So they went ahead and took out one of my favourites of the series.

Making matters worse, it’s presented in similar fashion to the phoenix-down event of Final Fantasy VII, meaning the death was unjustified (you had a heli shoot at you and miss). Well, it’s definitely agonizing, and until someone with a time-travel void shows up it’s likely a non-reversible death.

Still, unlike the previous breakdown this time Shu’s just plain mad. And that’ll mean plenty more exciting things to come with this new development. Impatient wait for Episode 16 then!


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