Persona 4 – Episode 15

Unrelated: A great mess at the file-sharing side of things, legit or otherwise.  With so many hosts down for the count, looks like it’s back to the old ways of torrenting. Not all’s bad news, so long as there’s new episodes coming out~ 😀

Hoo yea~ Chihiro~!

Fans of Persona 3 rejoice~! Plenty of references in this episode to the previous game in the series, from locations (it’s based in Tatsumi Port Island) to music (it’s remarkable that they managed to compress most of the soundtrack from Persona 3 into a single episode).

They’ve faithfully adapted Gekkokan High as well, from the interior all the way to the history teacher. 😀 Add that to Shirakawa Boulevard (and its ‘hotel’), the alleyway a certain character  frequented (where Chie encountered the thugs), and the hilarious ‘King’s game’ at the club and you have another fulfilling extension to the series.

"The King's order is absolute."

Does seem like it’ll be back to the TV world the next episode~ Well, not long to wait now!


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