Blackout Day

Here’s something unrelated to the typical stuff that belongs here. Sites have been going dark supporting the protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) bill, which can essentially stick a huge wench in us anime-watching people’s gears. So it’s not as unrelated as I’d like to think. Needless to say, I’m pretty much against it as well, seeing as I do like my anime/manga early, and I hate censorship (no, it’s not about the 18+ material).

It’ll just open more doors to allow for the indiscriminate blocking of sites, or force the owners to have a death grip on their user’s posts, comments and whatnot. Makes t3h interwebs a suffocating place to be in, no? Copyright infringement is a pretty darn gray term, and out goes the fanart and doujins if they felt like it (well, they already could actually, since the community here is built on piracy). Not to mention every manga streaming site, fansub base and likely most discussion forums are potential targets. The good news is, they’re not very big targets, but the bulls-eye’s still attached. ^_^

Becomes a dull place to be when the search engines are scrubbed shiny and return just a handful of unrelated search results, don’cha think? I’d stick with The Dark Side any day. 😀


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