Persona 4 – Episode 14

That look is priceless. And it's not a photoshop. XD

Words cannot begin describing how pleased I am with the way that this episode turned out.  Unlike the previous Social Link-centered episode with Ebihara and the basketball team, this episode featured five new Arcanas (meaning we’ll be seeing their associated personas soon!).

Yet despite the increase in number, the unrelated links were well interwoven together to create a coherent and well-paced flow of events. Of course, in the attempt to gel everything together, there had to be varying changes to the individual plots of the various S-Links, (ranging from minor edits to 180 degree turnabouts) which some purists might be against.

But i personally felt the overall theme of each hasn’t been lost, and each of the resolutions don’t feel forced. I’d just take it as a great alternative ending to the original (in fact, I liked the conclusion of Sayoko’s story in the anime better). If you want to spoil yourself, there’s a summary written for every link in the story.

You’ve got an excellent ending theme to follow this episode too (no worries, no slaughter of English here). The story returns to high gear next week!


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