Persona 4 – Episode Nanako! (13)

Want me to riddle you with holes?

A catchy new OP with dubious English lyrics for the series starts the Persona 4 winter arc! Once again an anime-original filler to the main events of the series after the killer is presumably identified and arrested, the focus is on Nanako, who (cos)plays Magical detective Loveline, and investigates why Yu has been returning home late~!

Yu is, of course, busy establishing (and completing) social links. Which will be covered more in-depth in the next episode, so not to worry for those who haven’t played the game. For now, just enjoy the feeling of wanting to shoot Yu for completely ignoring Nanako the entire episode, and that additional ED made for the fictitious anime Loveline.

I swear, Yu’s understanding is nowhere near as “motherly” as his status reflects. Though it does look like he “completed” them all, so there’ll be plenty more personas to look forward to in the weeks to come!

Did I worry Nanako? Nope, not a clue.

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