Winter season is upon us~

Picture unrelated.

So the list of available shows isn’t as epic as last season’s, but there are still a few good ones out there…I think.   It’s the return of the lolis, from the looks of the lists available. I guess sequels will take priority, unless there’s something else deemed really good by the masses. (Tired of slapstick comedies and its extensions, to be honest).

Meaning Amagami SS+, Zero no Tsukaima 4, Nisemonogatari will be on my watch list. (Don’t watch Milky Homes, unfortunately.) ZnT went the way of Nanoha (1st season passable, 2nd season good, 3rd an absolute mess), so hopefully they can patch things up to wrap things nicely in its final season. As for the rest, gotta just keep an eye out. ^_^


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