Little Busters! Complete Translation Released~

Christmas came early for those who have been waiting, the full English translation by the hardworking folks at TLWiki is now available for download to patch the original Little Busters! game. No more scratching your heads at why the story has been so peculiar.

But be prepared to experience quite the roller coaster of emotions during the refrain route (not all of which are positive, mind you). Now all that remains is the ME/EX versions, and the 3 exclusive ladies~  So pop over to their site, get the patch and complete the game!


4 thoughts on “Little Busters! Complete Translation Released~

  1. Oh wow. This is an amazing accomplishment. I remember so many instances of people at Baka Wolf announcing when certain girls were at 50% or when they’ve been completed. For the whole game to be completed, that’s amazing. Congrats to the translators on a job well done.

    1. Well, translating a VN is a humongous undertaking. Just imagine, 4 years of work – you gotta have heavy-duty commitment. Which is why, if you’re really into VNs, rather than wait the 4 years, go pick up the language and in about 2 years you should be ready for prime time. XD

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