Persona 4 – Episode 9

Rie - Synonymous with Tsundere (or is it the other way?)

The plot restarts proper in this episode, with the introduction of the new S-Link, the Lovers Arcana, in the form of teen idol Kujikawa Rise (voiced by none other than Kugimiya Rie, who kinda ruined the OP for me, no offense). The whole ‘stalking’ segment at the beginning is real funny though. XD

You get more of Yu’s suaveness this episode, and at the rate he’s going (Chie, Yukiko, and now Rise) it’ll be really amusing if the producer decides to animate the “Reverse” S-Links once the relationships start to kick in (here’s hoping they do). 😛

Looks like the conclusion to this arc will have to wait till next week though. >.<

"I'll be sure to increase my understanding status within the week."

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