Persona 4 The Animation – Episode 7

So glad I picked this up. Now with FUSION. Now THIS is an adaptation.


4 thoughts on “Persona 4 The Animation – Episode 7

  1. The next episode will be even more unfortunate, as in the preview: the main character is acting as homophobic as Yosuke towards Kanji (I thought you accepted me/Not at night). This situation will be played for laughs, and I fear that Kanji will be a chew toy. That is to say, he’ll be kicked out of his tent, kicked in the groin by Chie, and then he’ll be pushed into the river for nosebleeding at the girls. He will be abused! If he were my friend, I’d treat him better than that! Is it too much to ask just to be nice to someone who needs acceptance.

  2. I am frustrated that many people think this episode was funny. Most people seem to be ignoring the fact the this episode could be very offensive to gay people, and the boys’ behavior is frequently excused as “normal teenage” behavior when they were really overreacting like little kids. The manga version did not have them whine about going home, in fact, they said they did not have time to worry about anything other than the rescue, the manga version captured the original game’s seriousness by showing a young Kanji being bullied for sewing in elementary school/the girls calling him a sissy. The shadow in the manga was also very angry and serious at the end, while the anime one is stupidly happy the entire time. Kanji also hugged his shadow after punching it.

    1. Well, you might have a point, but I’m sure most know that’s never the intention of the show. It IS funny to the general audience, simply because of Yuu’s responses, which are very atypical of a story’s protagonist.
      But yes, they did leave out the explanation of Kanji being bullied by girls, which is important in establishing why he prefers guy friends instead. A flashback would have been appropriate.
      I suppose the producers decided to weigh in more with the humor rather than balance it with seriousness, which hurt the episode. Though I’m pretty sure they succeeded if their aim was to have the shadow annoy the audience. XD

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