Nana Mizuki Live Grace Orchestra (review)

Look what came in the mail~ 🙂

Without a doubt Mizuki Nana’s best concert to date, and something she’s unlikely to top until the next orchestra-backed concert comes along. The track list is a fan’s dream-come-true, with all the best hits compressed into a splendid 3 hours. More right after the jump~

The first press copy of the Blu-ray set

The purchase comes with the disc (which sits a bit TOO snugly in the case), the box cover and a small picture/lyrics booklet. For video extras you have the Making of Live Grace and her performance of select oldies and enka at Setagaya Public Theatre. All bases covered. 🙂

Love the conductor, a real funny guy. "The audience conducts better than me!"

Orchestral pieces of her anchor songs are amazing, especially when backed by a choir. In particular one song alone, Justice to Believe, is worth the entire concert. ETERNAL BLAZE, Astrogation and SUPER GENERATION complete the main pillars. Also returning is the much-missed Heart-shaped chant, and her two pieces performed in Kohaku Uta Gassen, 深愛 (Shin Ai) and PHANTOM MINDS.

Très bien

The only disappointing bit is the noticeably grainy video, which is unlikely to be intentional, possibly caused by the low lighting conditions. I would have also preferred that for each instrumental piece by the orchestra, the focus should be on the orchestra.

Instead you get a video clip while the orchestra adds the background music. Well, at least they do get their own segment with the classical piece, bolero. The choir doesn’t though. :\

The Cherry Boys and the Orchestra as one!

Having a band play with an orchestra is an uncommon sight. The last time I saw such a pairing was with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra and The Black Mages in the Final Fantasy concert. And that combination works wonders here too.

Discarding the mold of the past several concerts, you’ll neither see dance segments nor band battles. Instead, it transitions smoothly from one great song to another soothing orchestral melody. Of all the concerts performed, this is truly the one to beat. If you’re a fan, this is a must-have (and if you’re not, you might just reconsider after watching this). 😀


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