Persona 4 The Animation – Strong Start

Good guy + Evil-looking side = Badass.

This season looks set to be excellent. First Fate/Zero, and now Persona 4 The Animation. Fans of the game will be completely at home with the first episode, which follows the game (literally) right down to its mechanics. More about its similarities after the jump.

Yes, the days pass as per the game. 🙂

Everything from the day changes, to the soundtrack (most of which are directly lifted without change from the game) to how the battles tend to play out are all faithfully adapted into animation. You finally get to hear how the protagonist sounds like too (even though he doesn’t speak much). Of course, from the viewpoint of a new-comer who hasn’t played the RPG these points come across as moot, but it’s not just nostalgia the show would bring.


At the heart of the Persona 4 plot is a murder mystery, where the suspects are never certain as the students of the academy head deeper into the TV world to unravel the case. If you’re new to the series, you’ll find yourself being led around by the neck (unless you have excellent intuition), and old-comers will no doubt enjoy the refresher course.

A new GAR icon? Maybe.

Do not be put off by the Persona title if you disliked the previous offering in the series, Persona: Trinity Soul – this one’s nothing like it. If the anime continues to be just as good later as it is now, we have a winner. So what’re you waiting for? Go pick it up now. 😀


2 thoughts on “Persona 4 The Animation – Strong Start

  1. Everything was awesome about this episode. Anyone who has played the game will be ecstatic about how they handled it. New-comers will be in for an awesome show. Chie Chie and moar Chie!!

    1. MOAR Nanako~!

      They might have changed around a few things,
      but that still doesn’t keep it from being on this season’s
      must-watch list.

      Great animation, electric soundtrack, and a 5-star plot.
      Let’s hope all goes well!

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