Steins;Gate (Review)

What happens if you have a time machine capable of sending messages – or even yourself – to the past? This is explored in-depth in Steins;Gate, where curiosity can really kill. Calling the show a psychological thriller isn’t an exact representation, but would bring you close to the heart of what the series is. This is one crazy ride you don’t wanna miss getting on.

The first thing to get out of the way, is that you do not need to watch Chaos;Head prior to Steins;Gate. It is not (as some may have you believe) in any way related to the former, and is a spiritual successor at best.

The microwave time machine. Also used to heat up your food.

The show opens with Okabe Rintaro (alias Hōōin Kyōma and self-proclaimed mad scientist) stumbling upon a scene of death, and flees the area, sending a mail to his assistant informing him of that scene. Then he feels something change – and the world with it. Now in a parallel world where such a death never occurred, he discovers two important things – that he has successfully created a time machine, and that he retains his memories from each time leap. So begins the experiments…

It all begins with bananas...

Not everything is rosy though, once the plot unfolds. The butterfly effect is used to a great extent here, with attempts to alter history often resulting in horrible consequences. While the 1st half of the series toys with a what if universe, the 2nd half focuses on attempting to repair the damage caused after a certain story event changes everything.


The episodes itself are generally well-paced, with each of the lab members given their own adequate air time, with their reasons for wanting to change their pasts all being perfectly plausible. With a bit of logic you’d probably work out how the show will end, yet despite that each episode is gripping, the character development is stellar and its numerous cliffhangers would leave you unable to stop until you finish.

Future Gadget X - The Lightsaber

This is one series that’ll keep you entertained for its 24 episodes, so if you fancy yourself a good story, give Steins;Gate a go.

-.El Psy Congroo.-


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