The World God Only Knows OVA 1

It's become a new fad to give funny names to bands.

Time to look at the release of the first (hopefully of many) OVA of TWGOK. This one focuses on the manga counterpart, Chapters 54 and 55, about the establishment of Chihiro’s band, the 2B Pencils, with just a bit of an alteration to the plot.

25 minutes, 25 minutes, 10 minutes.

The OVA is otherwise generally consistent with how the manga plays out. You’re treated to a new opening sequence by Kanon, and the ending sequence is by Chihiro (from her character album). What changed the most was Elly’s participation in the event, as well as how the girls could convince themselves that it was simply deja vu. You could see it as changes made in the interest of time, or that it gives the anime series a better closure if the anime does not get future seasons.

"Have we met before?"

However, all is not lost, for you DO get to catch a glimpse of a future conquest, Yui, who (if you haven’t been following the manga) would become the band’s missing drummer. Might this mean a planned future release either on OVA or as Season 3? Nobody’s sure, but I wouldn’t strike off the possibility just yet. 🙂

We might just get to see Yui's conquest after all...

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