Usagi Drop – Review


A faithful adaptation of the manga series of the entirety of Rin’s childhood, this 11 episode series will definitely leave you feeling nostalgic and more than a little fuzzy inside, so despite the female target demographic, it shouldn’t stop either gender from being able to appreciate the brilliance that is Usagi Drop.

Usagi Drop tells the tale of 30 year old salaryman, Daikichi, who, upset with his family’s reluctance to take up the burden of raising his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter after his passing, takes it upon himself to do so. So begins the story of Daikichi and 6 year old Rin, and their time together as a family.

Daikichi soon learns that it’s harder than it seems being a parent, and many issues are presented in full in the anime – from kindergarten enrollment to child behavioral changes.

(From left) Kawachi Daikichi, Kaga Rin, Nitani Yukari and Nitani Kouki

Also introduced is the Nitani family, comprising of divorced mother Yukari and her son Kouki, whom, after their meeting at Rin’s prep-school, have also taken to calling Daikichi by name (by mimicking Rin). This card is also played strongly in the show, with both parents making up for the missing father/mother figure for the kids. Supporters of Daikichi and Yukari might feel disappointed, as their relationship is kept largely platonic throughout. But that’s not the focus of the show.

The possible perfect family setting - but the author had other ideas...

Nope, the focus is between the interaction of Daikichi and Rin, and the troubles and sacrifices that have to be made to accommodate an additional member. And that was done with extreme precision. You might be reminded of just how much of an irritating little bugger you have been to your parents. 😀

Where'd those kids get their energy from...

At the beginning, I predicted that Usagi Drop would be a sleeper-hit, and I wasn’t too far off the mark. You’d just have to see for yourself why this series has been so warmly received.

In the end, it all comes down to this. Simple contentment.

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