Upcoming stuff~

Usagi Drop anime has ended this week, and it was a faithful and heart-warming rendition of the manga, stopping just before the time-skip to high school. Definitely a show I’d wanna write in length about, so a full review’s coming up.

Also finally settled down to complete one RPG I had lying around for the past couple o’ months – Resonance of Fate. Probably one of the most interesting turn-based/real-time RPG battle system mash-ups I’ve seen on the console thus far, with those gravity-defying jumps while spraying bullets all over never feeling old. Guess it’s good to trust reviews. 😀

Went to dig something back from the past too, an old digimon movie – Digimon X-Evolution, and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, despite me being too old for it. In fact, I kinda doubt their target demographic was at the pokemon level, seeing how complex it was. Yet something else I’d wanna write more about.

PS. The World God Only Knows manga has thankfully stopped feeling extremely cliffhanger-ish this week. Now to wait for the OVA. 🙂


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