Release of Dog Days 1st insert – Kitto Koi wo Shite Iru!

Why the cover art is a picture of Leonmitchelli and not Millhiore puzzles me.

So apparently it wasn’t to be in either of the two Dog Days Original Soundtracks after all! Yui Horie’s insert song from Dog Days, Kitto Koi wo Shite Iru (きっと恋をしている) has been released as a insert single, and it definitely sounds better than her Presenter single.

You can listen to it with the player on the sidebar. It’s strangely soothing if played on a low volume. I wonder when the next single is coming out. If a translation of the song isn’t available, I might probably try my hand at it. The 2nd track is (unfortunately) not another song, but a monologue-of-sorts for Rico (played by Mizuki Nana) – detailing in a mini-drama what she plans to do before heading to bed. O.o


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