Best of vocaloid covers

Vocaloids have seen immense popularity over the last few years with the release of numerous albums, as well as live concerts and displays so realistic many in the press have mistaken for holograms.

One of the best PVs I’ve seen that also goes with the song so well.

But this isn’t about them, instead I’m writing about the users who provide the human vocals to the already splendid vocaloid compositions – that’s right, “cover artists”. Well, enough about that, and more (related) videos after the jump.

A cover of the acoustic version of 夕日坂 (Yuuhi Saka) by choucho.

A cover of From Y to Y by clear.

A cover of Romeo and Cinderella by usa.

Ok, I’ll stop here for now. The songs are my personal favourite from the vocaloid lineup, and the three singers featured – choucho, clear and usa – are pretty well known within the vocaloid cover circles and amongst their fans (for good reason too). Searching for them will net you numerous covers that are all professionally done and would likely change the way you think about covers (most of which – in general – are dismal).

I’ve had people tell me the vocaloids don’t do as well on gentle/sad songs, simply because their electronic ‘voices’ cannot correctly portray the emotions carried by the lyrics. And I have to admit, hearing the covers of those songs pretty much led me to the same conclusion – while I liked the originals, I definitely have the covers on my playlist instead.

Still, I do like the live renditions as well, with songs like Strobe Nights (Live) occupying a special place on my playlist. I’ll be continuing to look out for other great vocaloid cover artists~ Do drop me a note if you know of a few!


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