Carnival Phantasm – OVA Out~!

The only time you would see Caster in regular clothing is right here in this OVA series, that spans 4 short clips portraying the cast of Type Moon’s well-known visual novels (notably that of Fate/Stay Night and Tsukihime). A little more about it after the jump.

"Disqualified for breaking the rules."

It’s a parody of the characters in a parallel world, keeping their personalities (mostly) intact while being thrown into game shows and pair them with other characters in situations that would seem completely out of place in the main story.

As per the VN, you DO NOT get an Illya route. 😀

Brutally speaking, it’s just pure fan-service. Oh, but there are no shower scenes and the like, this is purely for the hilarity of seeing the characters in a different setting. So if you go into it thinking you’re in for another crazy plot you’d be mistaken.

5v3 in the harem contest. Shiki wins! (...or has it worse)

For fans of the series though, you’d likely find it as enjoyable as I did. Newcomers should stay away though, as it’ll probably be boredom spelt in full for them. In a nutshell, take the holy grail war out of Fate/Stay Night, take the “hunting” out of Tsukihime and leave the harem, and you’ll get Carnival Phantasm.

I’m looking forward to the 2nd set of OVAs already. (Oh, and you DO get to vote on whether they should pick their “default” to go out with, or to go for the harem ending.) 😀


8 thoughts on “Carnival Phantasm – OVA Out~!

  1. OMG! Those Love*Love Check things are parodies of Tokimeki Memorial. XD XD Those bombs can be really annoying. @_@ In the Tokimemo world, bombs are the characters’ way of saying “GIMME ATTENTION NOW!”

    1. Oho~ I missed that reference. 😀
      My only brush with Tokimeki was the “Only Love” anime…
      …which was frankly an absolute disaster. Lol.

      Thanks for sharing~!

      1. Haha. Yeah, “Only Love” wasn’t that great. Quite honestly, many anime versions of Dating Simulation games aren’t that great–at least none that I know of. XP The games are best way to enjoy, period.

        Glad to be of assistance. XD

    2. Thankfully, adaptations of dating sims are few as well. 😀
      Still, if there’s going to be a new one, it’ll likely be Love Plus – since many have probably been begging for an anime. And seeing there’s a manga out, I won’t rule out the possibility. XD

  2. Carnival Phantasm after this fate/stay night and Shingetsutan Tsukihime will have a season 2? i love this anime and manga is not finished yet…. i hope i can get news or information about this …..

    1. Fate/Stay Night is actually complete, with the Unlimited Blade Works movie covering the 2nd ending. The 3rd ending…will probably not see the light of day so soon, if ever. XD
      It’s not exactly a season 2, but rather a prequel to Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero, will be making its debut in the coming Fall season. So not long now!

      The fate of Tsukihime is unknown though. :\

    1. Hm. You have managed to avoid looking at the bbox sticky for an entire week while you were using it? Well at least you finally found out about it. And the subbed version came out only quite recently, I couldn’t wait and watched whatever was available then. 😛

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