Usagi Drop – Manga Review

With the 56th chapter of Usagi Drop having been translated and released, the manga series has reached its finale. I really liked this series, and I’ll tell you why after the jump.

I don’t often read josei manga. In fact, the number of such series I’ve read hasn’t yet exceeded the ability of my hands to count with. And a large part of that list is dominated by CLAMP, possibly the only group I’d go out of my way to read – even though lately they’ve been going into seinen territory. 

It’s likely the style of most female-targeted manga – the excessively big eyes, the extreme use of flowery backgrounds and the over-the-top bishonen guys – that throws me off. Which is why I was presently surprised by Usagi Drop, which had (almost) none of that.

The strong point is also its plot, which spans the course of over 10 years condensed into those few volumes. You’ll see Rin as a kid, slowly maturing as a teen, then finally graduating as a young adult. As you read about Rin’s growth, you’ll also be treated to small, heartwarming and nostalgic moments of “Hey, I’ve done that before too!”.

The way it ended was interestingly different from how the story played out in the beginning, albeit it’s a situation only possible in a manga setting. But the conflicts, the troubles as well as the joy of raising a child are very accurately portrayed.

I started on Usagi Drop without expecting too much, and now it’s become one of my favorite manga. I can’t wait to see how the anime and it’s live-action movie plays out. Male or female, Usagi Drop will be an excellent read, and shouldn’t be missed. 🙂


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