New series: Usagi Drop – First Impression

I swear flame, one o' these days...

The new season of anime series has recently begun, and this particular one caught my interest. Having already been adapted into a Live Action movie – coming out in August, I wondered how the anime series would fare. I’m up-to-date with the manga series, and despite being a josei manga, I found it rather likable.

The theme of Usagi Drop is not something that everyone would enjoy though – single fatherhood/parenting. It stars a single 30-year old male protagonist, Daikichi, who decides to raise his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter Rin – his 6-year old aunt – and the troubles and stress he goes through as a single parent. Talk about family issues.

It’s a funny reminder to how much trouble you were to your parents when you were much younger. If adapted well, this might go on to be one of the sleeper hits of this season. Definitely making time to catch Usagi Drop.


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