Gosick – Quick Wrap

Rule no.1 to making a depression-free anime: Have a good ending

I had that unnerving worry that the anime scene has been plummeting to the depths of hell after the “golden age” seen the past couple of years. And what remained of the good series were only sequels to those previously aired. Thankfully, new entries like Gosick proves that there’s still yet valuable gems to be had out there.

Gosick is a series that incorporates detective work into a pre-WWII era. It brings you to the days where there is little technology to rely on, and all you had was brain power. Each story arc in Gosick comprises of a case that’s often played out in a fairy tale-like setting. Yet it’s still generally down-to-earth despite some of the more over-the-top legends introduced. So let’s have a look at the pair that made the show.

Victorique - WANT!

The Gray Wolf and Golden Fairy of the show, Victorique fulfills the role of the damsel (often not) in distress. Her intellect, quick wit and sharp retorts are what gives the show its memorable moments. Not to mention her troubled past and family plays a critically engaging role in the later episodes.

With numerous recent shows whose (unfortunate) focus is on fan-service, you’d be forgiven if you think that this series, with a lead like Victorique, would be full of that as well. Thankfully, that is not the case. That does not mean you don’t get those “HNNNNNNG…!” moments though. 😀

Kujo - So annoying, you wanna kick the shit outta him.

Meet Kujo Kazuya, the Reaper that comes in the spring, and the male protagonist of Gosick. He’s incredibly whiny, and will probably irritate you to no end with his constant “Victoricaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” which is also sadly a staple in the anime. So if, like me, you’re hoping for another Lawrence and Horo pairing, it’s sadly not the case. XD

Ironically, the best moments of Kujo is when he isn’t together with Victorique. It’s where he gets the chance to solve a few cases on his own (well, not entirely, but close enough). You do get his background story at some point, but it’s never really given center-stage, instead appearing more as a flashback – which is a pity.

The side-characters introduced are also entertaining in their own right, and well-portrayed by the cast. You’ve got the creepy Marquis, the pointy-haired step-brother, a chibi assassin and the magician(s). =)

It's episode 12's DOUBLE RAINBOWS! So intense...

The show has plenty of serious and moving moments, interspersed with occasional comic relief. While the end might come as a bit of a deus-ex-machina with all the elements of plot armor at work, it does give the show a fitting closure it deserves.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best series of Winter 2011. Catch it if you have yet to do so, I can assure you it’ll be well worth your time. 😀


3 thoughts on “Gosick – Quick Wrap

  1. Alright. I’m re-watching the series already, because I loved it so much. It’s only the second episode, and Kujo is already putting his life on the line for Victorique by standing in front of her when a guy aims a gun at her. 😀 Definitely an epic character and an epic show xD

  2. Best of Winter 2011? How about best anime ever! I have trouble putting into words how much I fell in love with this anime. As long as I block out the last 2 episodes from my memory, This is the greatest anime I’ve ever seen. Sure, I may just be saying that because It’s the freshest thing in my head, but I’m pretty sure that this anime scores amazingly high in comparison to the other shows I’ve seen. I’ll definitely be rewatching this when I feel like it, and I’m definitely going to try and get my hands on some of the manga volumes in japanese.

    1. I wouldn’t go THAT far. 😀

      Kujo honestly ruined half the anime for me before
      being given his one moment of awesome.
      Maybe if his personality was half as whiny I’d like
      the show twice as much. XD

      Still, it’s a rather memorable series, and looking at all the
      garbage that’s been coming through, I’d say it’s a solid
      improvement. ^_^

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