The World God Only Knows – Conclusion of Nagase’s Arc

This didn't happen in the manga.

Aw, what a great ending that was~! And unfortunate news for series’ fans – It does not appear a Season Three will be airing anytime soon. So to those still hesitating, maybe it’s time to pick up the manga after all – because the end of the conquests only marks the beginning of something very awesome. 🙂

There’s still one more to look forward to next week – Summer Wars. Whether that indicates a possible finale with one last capture in a swimming club member or merely a filler-of-sorts…it’s still too early to tell. I’ll be hoping for the former~

On a side note, I’ve gone ahead with attempting Little Busters Memorial Edition, which brings 3 new routes to the table – and they are unexpectedly LONG. So the review will have to wait a little longer. Ahaha~


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