If you have time for one more anime…

It’ll be this. 

Time to look at a series I’ve neglected to mention even though it is made of win.

You don't see nekos more awesome than this.

Recently making it past its 80th episode is the anime Fairy Tail. Many anime start off good, but the eventual length of the series will become its undoing by discouraging new viewers from picking up the show (would you spend 170 hours watching all 500 episodes of One Piece again?), and throwing off the show’s veterans with fillers and other unrelated bits of fail. I’m glad to say Fairy Tail (currently) isn’t one of them.

In case you were wondering, I have not read the manga, and so am in the dark about the plot beyond the anime. The events in Fairy Tail are split into fairly distinctive arcs, so you need not watch the entire series in a single sitting. That’s how I’ve been watching it – in batches. Pause every month or so, then pick up another 4-6 episodes. The show is sprinkled with endearing and possibly teary moments, and possibly one of the remaining ones this season the last half a year I have much praise for.

Pick this up if you’ve got that spare slot, you won’t be making a wrong choice. 😀


4 thoughts on “If you have time for one more anime…

  1. So far, there have not been any filler but there’s pretty much only the current arc left before they catch up with the current manga arc, so expect the anime to stop and wait or go the filler route…

    But still it’s a good watch with touching scenes.. I especially like the laxus’s goodbye..

  2. Concerning your comment, “you don’t see nekos more awesome than this.” Let’s not forget episode 8 of Kamichu. If you haven’t seen episode 8 of Kamichu, go watch it just for the neko.

    1. Aye. I’m foreign to the Kamichu series. 😛
      I gotta pick up anime selectively though, thanks to the amount
      of time required. I’m still not done trying to start on Gintama. XD

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