Ore no Imouto Wa Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai – Quick Wrap

When did this relationship start going wrong.

With the premier of episode 15, the anime series has finally drawn to a close. Watching a show with the title Ore no Imouto can’t possibly be any good…can it?

While certainly not a series that will become a classic, it does have its good points making the show a worthwhile recommendation. The story is quite easily explained – it’s simply about the interactions between a brother and a sister whose relationship has soured for a good number of years. The show remained ambiguous on just how long or how they began to drift apart though.

If anything, the alternate ending serves its purpose of tying the story to the start of the PSP game. So if you’re watching the show expecting one of those “true endings” seen in other anime series (rare these days), it’ll leave you a little disappointed.

Too bad, this is the best the anime's willing to show you of Saori.

It’s a series with attractive character designs, with probably one of the most varied opening sequences I’ve had the pleasure to come across. So while the opening song remains the same, you tend to still want to sit through the opening sequence each time. Thankfully, I did like Claris’s Irony, a rather catchy and upbeat pop number.

Eh...I'll stick to Nanoha.

The show does poke fun at other genres and other visual novels, but it’s never the highlight of the series. In fact, there isn’t really one thing you can point to that can be called the crowning moment of the series. Yet when you consider the series as a whole, it’s pretty entertaining in its own right.

For this I’ll encourage you to give the show a shot. And if you do like it, it’ll be a good idea progressing to the PSP game (or in Kuroneko’s case the novel) to see a proper resolution to the story.


4 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto Wa Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai – Quick Wrap

  1. Oreimo was entertaining… for awhile.

    After that “awhile”, the I gradually lost interest in the show, simply because of how ridiculous Kirino is. There really are times where I wish I could just give her a slap telling her to shut up about knowing everything.

    I don’t know why, but I guess that’s how I feel as a brother personally; joking and fooling around with my sister is okay, but when she starts to get overboard, there has to be some kind of limits.

    I stopped around episode 9, maybe I will get back into the show after awhile…

    1. Oddly enough, I agree. Probably many others will too.
      That it isn’t Kirino people will watch the show for.
      So it was kind of ‘saved’ by the extra episodes, in which there was
      very little mention of her (you’ll see why) – and more of the rest of the cast. 🙂

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