Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2.5 Video Comparison

Well, this shouldn’t be taken down (hopefully). XD

Taking a look at one of the new songs to be expected on Project Diva 2.5 would be SPiCa, a lovely melody made even more compelling in the Giving Day version. The original SPiCa was made available in a DLC pack in the first Project Diva PSP game, and now it will make it’s way into the game, so for those who wanted “official” difficulty levels, you’ll get it. 🙂

Read on for a little more information and comparison~

Comparing the two, it’s actually a literal lift of the entire choreography from the Giving Day sample and dumbing it down to fit the PSP. So there’re no musicians, and the crowds are hovering ghost-sticks that don’t respond. And seeing it’s a full song, one play-through will take you roughly five minutes. 😛

Perhaps there would be a Dreamy Theater feature released in the future that’ll bring SpiCa to HD standards. But you’d be so distracted by the video you wouldn’t watch the notes you’re supposed to hit. Give and take. XD

It would be nice if they included an extended Giving Day version of Ura-Omote Lovers. The guitar+bass combo worked really well compared to the original version. 😀


2 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2.5 Video Comparison

  1. yeah, but can you imagine how hard ura-omote lovers would be to play on project diva? they could make really fast note streams easier by alternating between two buttons, but they would probably do the whole “mash O as fast as you can!” thing.

    1. good point. 😛
      Well, one way would be alternate mashing between ‘O’ and the ‘>’ button.
      That was probably the only way I could play songs like Just be Friends. 🙂
      (Although in that case it was alternating ‘O’ and ‘<' for the square button)

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