Toradora Portable Game Guide!

Welcome to my Toradora portable guide and mini-walkthrough!

Seems guides for visual novels (usually the untranslated ones) are hard to come by, so I thought I’d help by providing one! Toradora portable is a great visual novel, especially for fans of the series. So if you have a copy of it and some degree of Japanese knowledge, give it a shot!

It’s actually possible to play through on trial and error – provided you understand the game mechanics. Or else you’ll be left scratching your head in frustration wondering where you made the wrong choice. In that case it’s better to go for a guide.

My objective is to guide you to the endings of the main heroines – it’s pretty easy to figure out the sub characters for yourself. If you prefer to go through the game on your own, then just read the bottom for some tips to get you started:

The game has two key decision drivers that affect the scenarios – the finding of items to unlock conversation options – be it from Ryuji’s cleaning or normally conversing with other characters, and the two-shot conversations you have with the characters.

In the former, you are given a choice to do some cleaning at junctions of the story, and you can pick up key items with which to forward the story. The rule of thumb is to look at how many cleaning kits you have – if you’ve got two cleaning kits in an area with 4 places to clean, then there will likely be 2 important items, 1 junk and definitely 1 area with nothing. So just save before you clean. Also, there’s no penalty for always choosing to do some cleaning. 🙂

The two-shot conversations will give you 6 topics, each with 3 choices to choose from, for a total of 18 choices. The choices provide 3 different kinds of feedback – bad (basically a -_-“ reaction), good (blue) and great (pink). In general you’ll want to go for 100% blue, because either extreme will end the conversation early and you will miss out on an important item. If that’s not possible then try to have all blue and pink in a 60:40/70:30 ratio. Avoid all bad feedback lines (with the exception of ONE very late game scene).

This should be enough to get the adventurous started~ For more hand-holding, read on! 🙂


The game is split down 3 major scenarios after the common route:
1. Kitamura/Kano: Kano Sumire (90 pts), Kitamura (80 pts), Taiga (75 pts) + Misc
2. Bravery Test: Minori (70 pts), Ami (90 pts/100 pts), Taiga and Minori + Misc
3. Solution: Minori (65 pts/100 pts), Taiga (100 pts) + Misc

Within each scenario you’ll be able to access different character routes. At the end of each route you’ll meet your homeroom teacher, Yuri, who’ll go through with you the ending, and give you a hint on getting a better one (if applicable).

In addition the routes are scored, from 60 to a full 100 points, or in visual novel terms you could say it’s from a bad end to a true end. The scenarios will always branch at the same point, depending on the decisions you’ve made (some requiring items for the appropriate talk topic).

Key item from Noto

To kick things off, let’s start with the common route (not mentioned above) – leading to the game’s one and only bad end (which you can probably get without any help).

Bad End: Basically, just fail to get this item by not talking to Noto before speaking to Ami near the beginning of the game, and you’re on your way to the game’s only 60 point finish. 😀

Route branch from common route:

Key item from Ryuji’s Desk

Kitamura/Kano Scenario: Do not use the milk packet as a talk topic with Taiga (you can still take the item and make a save at that choice point), and you’ll be locked in their route.

Bravery Test/Solution Scenario: Make sure you get this item from cleaning Ryuji’s desk, then you will take Taiga to the New Year’s Eve shrine visit. After that succeed in Taiga’s two-shot conversation that takes place there (you’ll see a nice piggyback CG if you do).

Kitamura/Kano Scenario Specifics:

Key item from Yasuko’s room

Obtain key item Hair Dye for Men’s from Yasuko’s room to enable you to agree with Ami on her plan. There are four important key items for this route: The cookie you receive from Taiga if you choose to leave with her during your first visit to where Minori works, the santa shorts if you speak to Kitamura on the morning of New Year’s day, the torchlight when you speak with Yasuko and the sunglasses when you succeed at Ami’s two-shot in this scenario.

Key items for Kitamura/Kano Scenario
Key item from Taiga’s two-shot

Taiga (75) End: In addition to the above, you require the wooden sword (bokuto) pictured on the left given to you if you succeed in Taiga’s two-shot conversation by returning to her apartment (look for a “!” at her house). Then at the show, select torchlight and cookie as talk topics, then finish with the bokuto in the scenario’s final choice.

Kitamura (80) End: Same as above, except choose the santa shorts in the branch’s final choice.

Kano Sumire (90) End: When meeting her for the first time, choose “I don’t remember” as the option, then at the show, select the sunglasses as the talk topic and you will unlock her end and the misc endings, the choices of which should be simple enough. 🙂


Bravery Test Specifics:

If you haven’t unlocked the solution scenario, you’ll get this route immediately after you succeed at Taiga’s talk topic at the New Year’s Eve shrine visit. Just make sure to talk to Taiga and not run past her the 1st time. If you’ve unlocked the aforementioned, when chasing Taiga, she’ll run to the school (if not she’ll just run straight to her apartment). Only here do you run past the school where she is. She’ll then move in front of her apartment after that. Talk to her in front of her apartment.

Key item from Canal
Key item from Canal

Kawashima Ami (90) End: Choose to go to her floor during the class trip and succeed at her two-shot conversation. Note the missing choice.

During the bravery test select the bikini and the star, followed by the camera in the route’s final choice. At the end of the route you will receive the key item: Baka Chihuahua’s Mimicry DVD.

Key item from Kota
Key item from Ami

Kawashima Ami (100) End: Replay the game from the beginning after you get the DVD, making the same choices until you reach the class trip and her two-shot conversation. There will be a new option in her two-shot conversation that was previously missing (talk about her mimicry). Select that as the last of her two-shot conversation options. If done correctly you’ll see a CG image, and she’ll visit you at night to get the DVD. Ensure you talk to Ami to offer to go with her to the shrine on the day of the bravery test, and you should receive the key item Ami’s date DVD. Select that for Ami’s true end.

Key items for Minori (70)

Kushieda Minori (70) End: You can get the eyepatch from cleaning the restaurant table the first time you visit with Taiga (by choosing to stay). Then choose to visit her at her floor during the class trip. Acquire the lunch box by cleaning your kitchen area, then speak to Kitamura to have it “identified (colored)” as Minori’s. Finally, you will require the firecracker by succeeding at Inko-chan’s two-shot conversations so that it’ll give you sunflower seeds, then the last item it’ll give you is that. Select the lunch box and firecracker during the bravery test and you will get this ending.

Edit: From Rups – there is a lip balm option after the firecracker option in Minori’s route. This is also required for the solution scenario. There are 2 endings for the Minori(70) and one for Minori(60). Obtain the lip balm item by succeeding in the two-shot conversation with Minori in the observatory.


Solution Scenario Specifics:

You are required to have played through Taiga (75) and Minori (70) to unlock this scenario. Once again bring her to the shrine and succeed at her two-shot. Then chase Taiga all the way to the school and talk to her there.

Key item from Ryuji’s Room
Key item from Taiga

The final four main routes can actually be played in parallel, because they’ll branch from a common point. Just remember to take a photo with Taiga in her costume (a key item necessary will be a CD obtained from the student council room). When Taiga offers to cook, tell her to handle the eggs (you will require the frying pan key item from the common route). Then obtain the key item album by cleaning Ryuji’s room. Show that album to Taiga to have her identify (color) it, and ask Kitamura whether he is going out with Taiga to obtain receipt.

Kushieda Minori (65) End: When speaking with Minori, choose to stop arguing. Then ignore Ami on 1/4, and you’ll get this end. If you speak with Ami on 1/4 after choosing to not argue, you’ll get the No Change (65) End.

To continue to the 100-point end, choose the talk option this has happened before… (requiring the colored album) and you’ll have a two-shot conversation with Minori. This is the only conversation in the entire game where no matter what choice you choose you’ll get a bad reaction. The conversation is a little tricky, so I’ll guide you here (choices are numbered from top to bottom – e.g. 1-3 is first choice from the top, and 3rd choice of that sub-menu of 3 choices):

The conversation spans 5 choices, of which 2 choices MUST be selected (and will only appear after the 3rd and 4th choice has been made) in order to clear this two-shot:

  1. (Choice 4-3) About the past > [Taiga’s Father]
  2. (Choice 1-any) Look > [Intensely/Coldly/Normally]
  3. (Choice 6-1) What I wanted to say > [I lov-…] – (choice 3-3 appears)
  4. (Choice 3-3) About Taiga > [Don’t use her as an excuse!] (choice 2-3 appears)
  5. (Choice 2-3) About Minori > [You need to be independent!]

Then speak to Ami on 1/4, and call out to Taiga (receipt key item required). Succeed in her two-shot conversation to receive the glass star key item. On 1/5 get Kitamura to punch you (glass star talk topic). Then (optional) speak to Ami before the other two girls.

Kushieda Minori (100) End: Ignore Taiga and speak to Minori. You’ll get this ending.

Aisaka Taiga (100) End: Speak with Taiga first, then with Minori. You’ll get this ending.


Closing: Hope you found this guide useful in helping you navigate the game’s routes! For a more comprehensive guide you might still want to refer to masterwiki, but this should easily get you through with a bit of trial-and-error. Feel free to drop comments!


116 thoughts on “Toradora Portable Game Guide!

  1. i’m stuck in 1/3. At night i cannot see inko but tiger came to my home and later end up with 65 score.
    At first i wanted to see ami normal ending and i did what other person’s walkthrough said.. i tried several times but same ending. In korean website, no one answered my question and also i cannot find how to solve by just searching google. Plz help me..

  2. I was so frustrated when i omly get the silly endings LOL…
    Anyway ill try to finish the game with your guide so thaks for this

  3. Doint Solution route, but after the new years eve Taiga runs off to her apartment , not in front of the school; Ideas?


      1. Ah that’d be why, but I can’t seem to talk to Taiga after I’ve got all the items for Kitamura’s route. The show is at the planetarium, right?

  4. I miss one item for choice when first met Kano Sumire, it’s something look like a notebook

    Anyone know how I can find it?

    1. when your ask to clean ur room. clean the top shelves of the books and you’ll find the “Big Bro Notebook”. Hope this helps 🙂

    2. Man, you can find it if you choose to saty with Kushieda in the common route. Then when you go back to walk through the map, go to the school place. Kitamura is there. Get into the school and there find the book,

    3. Man, you can find it if you choose to saty with Kushieda in the common route. Then when you go back to walk through the map, go to the school place. Kitamura is there. Get into the school and there find the book,

    1. Did you choose to stay at Jonny’s? if you did then Kitamura should be at school the next day. Go talk to him and choose to clean. then pick the one on the bookshelves and you’ll find it.

  5. Did anyone managed to clear and get the last 5 pics of the CG set along with the final song? I can’y seem to be able to get it even I cleared all the routes and also making everyone including the bird to blush/love me…….

    1. masterwiki stated that there’s an extra route available after we get ALL other endings (possibly have the CGs you’re looking for)
      i regret not taking note of endings i got, now i have to do trial&error getting all unimportant endings

  6. Ya know, this would make alot more sense if you put up the location’s of all the important items so that way everyone isn’t running around blindly and getting the wrong endings and such. tried following this guide. got more confused then before.

    1. To be specific you need to talk to Kota(the one where Taiga encounters a bee while Kawashima tries to get Kota the tickets) then after go back to Taiga’s apartment and you will see the exclamation point. Then choose to talk to Taiga and succeed the two-shot conversation and you will get the wooden sword.

  7. Ok I’m pretty sure i went through the paths of Kushieda and Taiga respectively and yet still I can’t get to unlock the solution scenario. Taiga keeps on running to her apartment instead of the school. I even had the ending scenes of both unlocked in the extras. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong.

    1. Hm…If you’ve already cleared both Minori 70 and Taiga 75, there shouldn’t be anything preventing you from achieving the Taiga 100 end, unless you chose to speak with Minori first on day 1/5. :\

      1. Well I chose “leave with Taiga” in the first choice and I have replayed it many times. Is there a specific order of the routes I’m suppose to take? There is a Minori 60 end too which was when Ryuuji chose to just be friends with Minorin. Thing is Taiga is always at the apartment after the arcade scene with Haruta, Noto, Kitamura, Minorin and Taiga of course. If possible can you give me a full walkthrough for that? As in from the new game after doing the Minorin 70 and Taiga 75? I’m starting to think my game is broken though….

      2. Ok I searched for a guy who had a save data where he was able to unlock it then i downloaded it the save data. Yes Taiga was in the school instead of the apartment proving that my game is not broken but he had unlocked more content in the extras than me. The ones i didn’t do yet were Ami bad end, Sumire end as a working dog for the student council, and Ami end (90, 100) not sure if the pics in the extras were the 90 and 100 ends though. Am i supposed to finish those routes first before Taiga’s 100 end? I really want to see the endings of Taiga and Minorin

      3. I have done all the mentioned routes now and yet Taiga still runs to the apartment. I’m gonna need a full walkthrough of this 😦

      4. Gah……there was a lip balm option after the firecracker option in Minorin’s route. That’s what i needed to unlock the Solution Scenario. There was 2 endings for the Minorin(70) ending and one for Minorin(60). The Lip balm was obtained from succeeding in the two-shot conversation with Minorin in the observatory. GAAAH BAKA! Didn’t see that one coming. I was able to solve the problem but thank you anyway :D. You might wanna update the guide and add the lip balm info for the Minorin 70.

  8. And one more thing i played it in this order Taiga 75 Ami 90 Ami 100 Minori 70 Minori 60…..
    Or do I have to play Taiga 75 and Minori 70 again to access Taiga/Minori 100 ending…

  9. And one more thing i played it in this order Taiga 75 Ami 90 Ami 100 Minori 70 Minori 60…..
    or do i have to the Taiga 75 and Minori 70 again….

  10. You are required to have played through Taiga (75) and Minori (70) to unlock this scenario. Once again bring her to the shrine and succeed at her two-shot. Then chase Taiga all the way to the school and talk to her there.

    Already done the Taiga 75 and Minori 70 still can’t get there perfect ending…
    Also Taiga is always waiting at the apartment and not at the school no matter what choices I make….

  11. how to unlock the missing two-shot coversation(1/3) . I already clear Ami normal end(90pts) and already got the key item. Do I need to pick specific choice to unlock the missing option on the new game?

  12. The guide is realy confusing. I can either take Taiga to the New Year’s Eve or get the items I need for her. If would anyone write the Taiga-only guide, it would be nice.

  13. I’m lost. I can’t reach even Taiga (75 pts). I followed the guide, had all items, but I ended at Kano’s ending. Then I did things to avoid it, but I ended with the teacher.

  14. Whoa. How is it suddenly so lively here. XD
    I don’t remember having much trouble on other routes aside from the perfect endings of the lead girls (which made me restart many, many times), so I have to apologize in advance for not being able to help. Can’t remember the specifics of every individual route considering how long since I’ve played, but do check out masterwiki @
    Google translate works enough to help you figure out what to choose if you are unfamiliar with Japanese. Just look for the item of interest, all of the dates are meticulously written. 🙂

  15. So yeah, I got almost everything, but how do I ask Kitamura whether he’s going out with Taiga or not? I think that’s the third choice in the conversation with him on 1/3, but I have no idea where or how I can get the required item.

  16. Okay, I finally understand how to get the red cloth(?) from sumire.
    During her Two-shot conversation pick:
    -Stare blankly
    -Being ladylike appears to suit you
    -seems you acknowledge her relationship
    -He works hard as student council president
    -What interest you about space, Senpai?

    This item is needed for Sumire better(?) end, and holy hell did it take me long to figure out.

  17. This was horrible. What use was this Walkthrough? It made no fucking sense, You told us to get the items sure, But from where? And when? Nope You didnt tell us that? or did you expect us to figure that out by ourselveS? Thanks for the useless walkthrough

    1. You know as far as the walkthrough was concerned it was pretty good. And the phrase ” figure that out by ourselves?” makes me think you don’t even want to play the game just breeze through it for the endings and if that’s your aim just go to youtube to see them.

    2. I believe I made it easy enough to understand in terms of ‘where’, but if you simply want to play it once through then I’m sorry to say this guide isn’t for you. There’s also a reason why I tacked ‘mini’ on to it. You’d want to find your way to the masterwiki site instead (which I linked).

      As to figuring EVERYTHING out, well I believe I’ve made the harder endings more accessible. Just don’t expect me to remember something I wrote more than 2 years ago.

  18. I know this is a long ago thread, but I’m having trouble getting Minori’s last key item (the firecracker thingy). I’ve succeeded all of Inko-chan’s two-shot conversations along the route, but I could not get that item. Any ideas?

    1. Hm…did you get the sunflower seeds? I believe succeeding the final two-shot after that gets you the firecracker. You might have to retry the conversations again just to be sure. As far as I could remember that wasn’t a difficult item to obtain.

      1. Well nevermind about that, I’ve figured it out: Blue response from Inko-chan all the way!
        But now I’m given 3 choice during school (by Taiga): The first one is just some texts, the second one is a glue (I think), and the third one is a green cylinder thingy.
        I want to play Minori’s route, so according to the anime, the glue has something to do with her, so I picked the glue choice, am I in the right path?

    2. To be honest I can’t remember it so specifically. 😛
      But just remember you can’t get the perfect Taiga and Minori routes unless you have seen both their 70/75 ends first. ^_^ Don’t be afraid to try it out though, I remember scratching my head in frustration getting stuck from the beginning. Haha~

      1. Oh I see! I thought that Minori’s route was quite depressing… 😦
        Thanks ^^ The most frustrating part of to me is that I had to keep loading back to Inko-chan two-shot conversation in order to get the ‘best’ result for it to give me a seed lol.
        Oh and, the Minori’s route I had was only 60 points, not sure if error or just me making some mistakes which still inevitably brings me to her route.

    3. Well, sometimes it’s a matter of reloading the part and selecting different options to see where it leads. The most annoying ‘feature’ of this visual novel is the two-shots and item requirements, so once you’ve gotten them it’s simple save-and-reload to view all the possible routes. 😀

  19. when i got a happy ending with kanou sumire…. i didn’t get 90 points…… i got a 75…… towards the end when i went to the student council’s office it saids that sumire wasn’t there and the three choices appeared….. the three choices was ….1st.maybe i should get back later…2nd.something red like a rist band or a arm band or maybe a flag…. which i don’t have…..and 3rd.she is probably still at home,,,,,,and the image was a coupon from her store…….

    1. Hmm…you might need to replay the game from the beginning to see what you’ve missed. It’s been years since I last played, and I’m less familiar with anyone other than the 3 female leads. I didn’t remember having any problems achieving the 90 for Sumire though. Perhaps you missed a choice somewhere, or can only obtain the item on another character’s route. 🙂

  20. Thanks for the guide, but i don’t understand japanese, how did you played without knowing japanese? Is there somewhere a guide that explain every single choice to be done to obtain 100% ??

    1. I linked to it in the guide.
      But the problem is it’s in Japanese. 🙂

      And I do know Japanese – not fluent, but enough to understand
      most of the plot by listening. ^_^

      1. Yeah, that’s a big problem, even if translated with google it’s quite Incoprehensible.
        What a paradox..i want too play visual novels but i don’t know japanese !
        I’ll search for an english guide , wish me luck 🙂

    2. Haha~
      You’ll be hard-pressed to find one. 😀

      But best of luck all the same! It’s a pretty enjoyable extension to the anime series. ^_^

  21. Thanks for the guide, but i don’t understand japanese, how did you played without knowing japanese? Is there somewhere a guide that explain every single choice to be done to obtain 100% ?

  22. Can i ask something? What do u mean “Then chase Taiga all the way to the school and talk to her there.”? Cuz i already unlocked the solution scenario, when i was talk to Taiga (after go to game center with Kitamura, Haruta, Minorin & Noto), she ran away, but seem that she stay at apartment, not at school?
    I try to play 4 times, but still the same :((

    1. Are you certain you’ve unlocked the solution scenario?
      Because Taiga is supposed to run to the school FIRST,
      then if you decide to run PAST the school, she will move
      to the front of her apartment.

      Maybe you’re missing a route or something. Make sure you’ve
      played BOTH Taiga’s and Minori’s prior routes in the kitamura
      and bravery test scenarios respectively. 🙂

      1. Oh thanks so much, cuz i only care about Taiga so i don’t go to Minorin end 70, so that how is it! >v< Here is some precious picture of Toradora i got, i give to u as thanks:

    2. Ooo~ That’s some really pretty vector art~
      Glad you managed to figure it out. 😀

      Minorin’s true end is pretty good as well, although
      to get that you first must go through the sad one.

      But I suppose that’s what visual novels are about. 😛

      1. Can you tell me how to unlock the Solution Scenario? i was able to go through both Taiga 75 and Minorin 70. Taiga is still running towards the apartment

  23. I just finished Ami’s true end… I demand a summary Tonkun! Seriously, I couldn’t grasp the most important parts! Specially the part with Ami at the Bravery Test! SUMMARY GIMME!

    1. O_o Summary? o_O
      “Ami’s route was t3h awesome”. 😀

      I don’t want to get too descriptive with the story,
      seeing that’s what makes playing the VN fun. 🙂

      But I did write something about the different endings
      in my review of it. ^o^

      1. oh great, just read your review…. I guess my assumptions was right after all! yay! Now to go for Sumire Route!

  24. lol… thanks….. got the ending oredy.
    kind a difficult to ply the game…
    i cant read japanese at all…

      1. Hi.. wan to ask u abt the what is the meaning when u say
        Solution Scenario Specifics:
        “Once again bring her to the shrine and succeed at her two-shot”…
        confuse @@

      2. Meaning you’ll still need to go to the shrine and see that piggyback scene again. ^_^
        Then if you’ve fulfilled the criteria for the solution scenario you’ll be able to play it.

      3. I can’t remember, to be honest. XD
        But it’s definitely during the part where Ami, Takasu and Taiga are allowed to freely roam around.
        Just move to the front of Taiga’s apartment every now and then to see if there’s an exclamation mark. 🙂

    1. Yup. What’s important is having her key items which you can pick up while cleaning and nailing her conversation parts (and of course choosing to go to her floor at the amusement park). 🙂

      1. Nonono, you got it wrong.
        Kano/Kitamura is by itself, in a different scenario.

        You need to get Taiga to the festival, then get her two-shot success,
        after that there’ll be a nice piggyback scene and you should be in the
        bravery test route. That’s the route where Ami’s endings take place.

      2. erm.. i get Baka Chihuahua’s Mimicry DVD oredy.. then what do u mean by replay the game?
        is it new game?

      3. Yep. New game. 🙂
        Glad you got the ending. 😀

        Now you need to play all the way back to the swimming area again.
        And during her two-shot conversation, watch for the missing option to appear. ^_^

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