Amagami concludes with Episode Miya


And one of the better visual novel adaptations has finally come to an end with the release of the Blu-ray OVA of Amagami. The formula worked very well for the show, being able to introduce the different girls over the span of 4 episodes each, and giving them a proper conclusion to boot. (Unlike the adaptations of Key’s works, where you’re most likely going to see just the lead female – unless they release OVAs). Let’s hope another comes along soon to fill the void. Nishishishi~


7 thoughts on “Amagami concludes with Episode Miya

  1. Well, luckily it wasn’t what I expected, an in***t themed episode. Haha. But overall, it was quite funny.

    However, the “next episode” preview at the end is D.U.M.B! -.-

    1. O.o Why wait till now? 😛
      The 4-episode arcs are perfectly disconnected with one another.

      You could, say, watch ep 16-20, then 1-4 and it’ll feel the same.
      So you never feel lost at any point in the story, since it resets every 4 eps.

      It’s enjoyable in bite-sized pieces, not as a full-fledged series. 🙂

      1. I like watching shows in a marathon-manner xD. I don’t really like to wait for for to come out…

        The tension/excitement/anticipation is too much for me to bear!

    2. Tension? There is none. 😛
      You just need to be able to clear 4 episodes at a time.

      Then it starts from the beginning again. Lol.
      Unless you really wanna see each and very girl’s arcs
      in a single sitting. XD

      1. There’s probably none in these kinds of shows, but I’m always curious to know what comes next. I don’t know, but that’s probably how I tend to watch shows these days…

        If anything, I think this trend of me marathon-ing shows could be cultivated by weekly One Piece releases; watching it once a week is simply not enough!

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