Ore no imouto – Episode 14 airs~!

Kuronyanko has finally usurped the position of imouto~

Ore no imouto continues into the 2nd-last extra episode, once again sans imouto. They ought to rename the series ore no kouhai. Continue on for more screenies and content~

Picking up where episode 13 left off, we see the computer club deciding to have the two juniors Akagi Sena and Gokou Ruri each come up with a concept for a game, then having a vote to select one to be sent for a competition. As expected, laughter ensue.

The language used does get a little NSFW in this episode when Sena (now with a new nickname Mystic Eyes of Death Perception) goes into detail describing her homo-RPG…ok, actually VERY NSFW. So much that it doesn’t belong in any child-friendly site. It results in the gif above. 🙂

"Which do you prefer? Senpai or Nii-san?"

You do get to see increased intimacy between Ruri and Kyosuke, although with Ruri perpetually blushing, it’s kinda hard to tell if she’s really embarrassed (except maybe by the varying degrees of red). She does admit she likes Kyosuke though…as much as his sister does. Which Kyosuke takes to mean “not in the least”, but we know better. 🙂

Black Rock Shooter x Code Geass

Yet another new ED is featured, this time sounding like a theme song for the fictitious Maschera anime within Ore no Imouto. It might probably be me, but the illustration is reminiscent of black rock shooter.

Here’s hoping the last episode in the series will end amicably. Or maybe they’ll make it such that it has a “continued in the psp game”…which I’m praying they’ll avoid. Else we’d never see a good Gokou Kuroneko Ruri arc. =)


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