A look at something outside the scope…

In short…I got bored. 😀

Being too nice can be detrimental sometimes.

Some of you might recognize this. Or not. No matter. But if you really MUST know…

I feel like this all the time on fetch quests.

The screenies in question belong to the MMORPG Aika, whose unique feature is to give players a companion called a pran (that little loli above that can grow into an adult) that you can interact with (almost like a permanent party member – complete with the ability to buff and hold conversations).

Been a while since I last played MMOs, so I have to say the entry level’s pretty decent. You don’t have to worry about adding stats and all that complex stuff since the game does it for you. Still, VNs and Anime over MMOs any day. /me gets back to Gosick.


5 thoughts on “A look at something outside the scope…

  1. I played AIKA when it was in Closed Beta back in the Korean server… I got to like Lv16 and got tired of it @_@.

    The Pran system is pretty awesome, but it wears off after awhile… I still remember running around just to get her to evolve from the fairy form to child form!

    1. Whoa. XD

      The only MMO I ever attempted in its native Korean was Talesweaver.
      Good thing the English community back then was pretty strong.

      Lv16 eh…I suppose you didn’t get to go to the dungeons, form parties and
      such. After all, the better skills only happen from Lvl 25 onwards (not to mention the guild and nation wars). :\

      And it’s a feat you can accomplish in 3 days thanks to an abundance of quests. Good thing I know a few players, else it might get boring over time too. 😛

      1. Wow, 3 days? I took almost a week to get to Lv16!

        I guess that’s probably because I didn’t know what the quests are asking of from me… I can’t read Korean text @_@.

    2. Oho~
      Yea I figured that was the case. 😛
      The way to level in this MMO is to continuously do quests,
      so if you just purely grinded, it’s bound to get boring. XD

      You could easily do it in 2 days, 3 was with plenty of breaks
      in-between. Healthy gaming. Lol.

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