The World God Only Knows Season Two – Episode Two

Alrighty~ That’s the end of Kusunoki’s arc! And I’ve “reconstructed” another full picture from the episode: Which to readers of the manga is an obvious reference to a future arc that isn’t present in season two – Does this mean we can expect season three? *hint hint*

Hop on to check it out~!

No, its not that she wants to try on the clothing.

Confounding my efforts this time round is, unlike episode 1, where the entire image is static, here they made the background static while Kusunoki moved in the foreground. 0.O Try it, you’ll be raging yourself. Oh well, nothing some heavy editing won’t solve. :\

Kusunoki’s obviously reminded of *spoiler* her sister Hinoki *spoiler*, and seeing that you won’t see her in season two (not if the OP’s anything to go by), it gives me hope that the next season in the series is already planned. 🙂


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