An Early Look At Persona 4 Anime

A more definitive official trailer was released by the folks at mayonaka-tv, showcasing what you could probably expect to see come this fall. Good music to look forward to as well.

If you have a PS2 sitting around by any chance though (or a backwards-compatible PS3), and you haven’t taken a crack at the game, I really urge you to. You’re missing out on a great RPG. Oh, and with the plot so well-written to lead the player, you’ll never be able to tell who’s the mastermind. At least, it was a complete “HOLY $%@#!!” in my case. 😀


5 thoughts on “An Early Look At Persona 4 Anime

  1. I wonder how would they transition “Reach Out to the Truth” into the anime. It’s such an epic song that should not be left out in the anime adaptation!

    And… I know who’s the mastermind!



    That reminds me, maybe I should just continue playing P4, I stopped after I realized who’s the mastermind behind all the incidents.

    1. O.o
      So you didn’t complete the game?
      I is disappoint. But of course, spoilers hurt the fun. XD

      Yes, I do agree that Reach Out to the Truth is a heck of a battle theme. Maybe a remixed version for the anime? =)
      But we DO get more from Shoji Meguro, so I’m not complaining. Listening to the one made for the trailer gives me really good expectations. ^_^

      1. Yeah, I played through Persona 2 and I really miss the tracks done by Shoji Meguro. I only went to play Persona 1 (PSP ver) simply because of the tracks in the game!

        I wonder if they are going through the whole game in a single anime season or not :o.

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