The World God Only Knows Season Two Begins!

The logo looks like Index II's doesn't it. 🙂

Finally, after last season’s dry period with little notable anime, we have ourselves season two of kami nomi zo shiru sekai to indulge in! More ‘conquests’ are lined up for Katsuragi, and kick-starting in high gear we have Kasuga Kusunoki’s route~ Continue to see her full image from episode 1~!

The above image was spliced together with photoshop~ Click through to see the full resolution png~! Her voice actress, Koshimizu Ami, was excellent at her role and really gave Kusunoki added depth to her ‘weak’ side, by making her sound strong, yet incredibly cute at the same time. =)

It looks like we won’t see TRUE plot development until season 3 though, but as each of the arcs are pretty much self-contained, so it looks set to be another great continuation. Still, you’re encouraged to watch season 1 before season 2, if only for more lols. 🙂

The opening sequence is still as forgettable as season 1’s, while the ending sequence fares slightly better (though not by much). But that’s not why you’re watching this. Hopefully we’ll see some good inserts too, although the chances are lower than previous season’s.

I’m already looking forward to her entry, which would probably be in the coming episode~! The World God Only Knows season II definitely makes it on my priority list this season, let’s hope more good anime come along~


5 thoughts on “The World God Only Knows Season Two Begins!

    1. Nay. It’s all good. 🙂
      As is with the I, II, III and IV for the buttons. 🙂
      Look at the NGP, it’s got two nubs now.
      PSP -> PFP -> NGP
      Only that Keima’s the only one who got the beta test set. XD

      PS. You’ve got a really pretty site~!
      I’m stickin it up on my blogroll~!

    1. I suppose it’s due to them expecting those watching to have already read the manga, or they just couldn’t find other content to use in the OP and ED. 😀

      At least the plot itself is not given away, which is the main important issue. 🙂

      Besides, it means plenty to look forward to. ^_^

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