To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Quick Wrap

A Certain Magical Index II. Such missed opportunity.

DIY: Make Your Own Index 2 Arc!

You may freely interchange between the order of 3 and 4. I didn’t want to believe that was all they had. But they stayed true to the formula up to the final episode.  Still…

Never mind they screwed up the whole religion thing. Never mind many episodes were dedicated to Touma’s ever-expanding harem. Never mind that this season literally had nothing to do with Index and the show should’ve been named To Aru Punchi no Touma. Never mind that the opening songs were utterly forgettable when compared with its spinoff Railgun.

Ok, so I do mind. Quite a bit in fact. Not because it was completely crappy, but rather that they had a really good idea going for an arc here and there, only to throw in the towel halfway through and mess it up (badly). Index II actually managed to build good audience anticipation, but the resolutions to all its respective arcs made it rather anti-climatic. Which, if you’ve noticed the heading illustration, basically ends the same way. With a punch, and a conversation on how to treat humans, animals and the planet’s microbiology.

There was however one stand-out character that came from the back and stole the show (and I doubt I’ll get any objections here):  Accelerator


I got a gun and I’m not afraid to use the bullets separately.

The antagonist from the first season returns as an anti-hero, less crazy as when we initially got to know him (ok, still pretty crazy, but in a good, crazy, kinda way. geddit?). The interaction between him and Last Order MISAKA is immensely entertaining, and definitely one of the highlights of Index II.

As a final conclusion, Index II is still worth watching, particularly if you’ve already seen the first Index from which this show picks up, or liked its spinoff Railgun. It’s not going to win any awards, but there’s enough as a whole to keep you entertained for its 24 episodes.


2 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index II – Quick Wrap

  1. Cue good guy speech made Accelerator into the being he is today.

    I never really thought he would one day rely on guns. xD

    But yes, that formula you’ve placed there is actually pretty accurate. Oh, you might want to factor “Touma getting into hospital” and “Touma getting visited by lots of girls” into your formula too! :p

    1. Good suggestion!
      That is very true as well. XD
      Cue an ‘Index-bite’ to add to it. 😀
      And an exclamation of : “Fukou-da~!!!”
      (Maybe a camera shot of the sky too)

      But really, without Accelerator, Index II was almost a
      complete lost cause. Good thing they added him. 🙂

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