Ore no Imouto episode 13 – Kuroneko (Ruri-chan) arc

A perfect visual novel CG.

I figured it’ll be the case. They messed up kuroneko’s route in the PSP game intentionally. That’ll give the viewers some reason to follow the novel or the anime, which is looking to be pretty good. The ending is also very reminiscent of a certain touhou melody…

Akagi’s sister is also introduced. To extreme comedy relief. 😀

"I love homos. And am completely rotten."

Hats off to her brother for being able to calm her down. But it definitely shows that the path to openness is a long, arduous one. XD

The ending in question is performed by Kuroneko. And probably as a nod to the bullet-hell shooter that she was playing in hard difficulty, they decided to make it touhou-esque.

Part of the song even sounds almost identical to the Bad Apple!! touhou melody, whose PV I came across on the tube that featured great shadow art animation:


2 thoughts on “Ore no Imouto episode 13 – Kuroneko (Ruri-chan) arc

  1. The “bullet hell” game was really easy looking though… Somehow I was expecting a spectacular scene like Cave’s TLBs in the end at least…

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