Ar Tonelico Qoga: Premium box and Purge Party Calendar~

Those extra bits you can enjoy outside the game.

I never did get around to talking about the extras, so why not do it now? Since it’s the last game and all, I figured I’d order direct from NISA for once. It’s a big gamble, seeing I’m using uninsured airmail on the cheapest option from USPS… and it miraculously survived. *Cue celebration*. More in the click-through~

My worries on the shipping weren’t unfounded though. NISAmerica had to change their policy on international shipments thanks to the amount of shipments (most likely largely of ATQ, seeing the change was made on March 25th) reportedly lost through USPS’s cheapest shipment option – the same one I used. Here’s what they had to say:

Due to a large number of customers reporting international shipments “lost” and requesting re-shipment for orders shipped with USPS First Class International, we will no longer be replacing damaged or lost shipments for customers who select USPS First Class as their shipping method. USPS First Class International is cheaper than our other shipping methods, but you are choosing that shipping method at your own risk.

…Lucky me huh.

Bubble wrap~!! *pop* *pop*

Time for some unboxing~ It came in a pretty compact cardboard box, and the premium ATQ box is wrapped up nicely with good ol’ bubble wrap. It did its job, considering the box looked free of visible physical damage.

…Not protected. WUT?!

…The same can’t be said for the calendar, which lay below the bubble wrapped premium box unguarded in shrink wrap. Seeing that it’s nearly the width of the box, the corners definitely suffered a little due to the bumps the cardboard took.

This has got to be the 1st time I'm using a screwdriver this way.

To open the premium box, you had to lift 2 flaps. The initial one was… annoying, to say the least. To do that without damaging the box is nigh-impossible. So I chose the sides of the flap to take the damage. Good thing the damage was relatively mild and mostly invisible. 🙂

Inside the box you’ve got the game disc at the front, the soundtrack under it and the visual book right below. All very compact, and the box is made to the dimension of the hardcover book so it fits snugly and doesn’t move around when shaken.

May is the month of Finnel~

Lastly, the purge party calendar. It turned out much tamer than what the folks at NISA tried to make it out to be. Which is a relief, because it meant the calendar can go on my wall without weird looks, and on this blog without a NSFW warning. 😀

The calendar runs from April 2011 to March 2012. Because we know the world will end after that. It makes sense, since the game was only released this month. The images used are completely recycled from the game, so sad as it might be, there isn’t any unique artwork. Meaning > no Akane or Ar Ru. Aw.

Is it worth the extra $10? Nope. But at least it’ll serve its purpose on my still-empty wall. (Forgotten to grab one of those yearly calendars, bah.)  😀


7 thoughts on “Ar Tonelico Qoga: Premium box and Purge Party Calendar~

    1. Chatbox? You know the sayin – Nobody talks to Ton.
      Not in the bbox, and probably not here either. Lol. XD

      I do like them random comments though. 😛

    1. O.o
      The cost is a major inhibitor in my case. XD
      Well, given a choice I’d just get the empty box. 😛

      Not having a local GameStop can be a pain at times. x_x

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